Who We Are & What We Do

Spec Drones is a company that specializes in helping all sorts of industries use and benefit from the power that comes with drones, and technology associated with these incredible machines. Whether you’re looking or help with inspections, surveying, or any flight solution, you’re going to find that we can help you with figuring out just how this option could very well help you garner support moving forward.

Why Use Spec Drones

While drones are starting to proliferate a great deal of industries, and it’s easy to purchase solutions in the market today, you won’t be able to work with industrial solutions in the same manner that we can. Our goal is to help companies save money, and utilize this technology to help with a variety of elements that are difficult to manage otherwise.

When you use our services, you will find that you will get help with managing, inspecting, developing, and surveying. We fly drones, but we also make sure that we have the latest technology, creating real time data solutions, so that industry can move forward with relative ease.

Aside from that, you will find that our crew of drone pilots are experienced. Not only do we have pilots with a great deal of experience, we are certified by the FAA. Pilots that operate our drones are all certified, and that means peace of mind for you.

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About Our Pilots

When you trust us with your drone projects, you will have peace of mind knowing that we have all of the permits, regulations, and experience that you need to fly drones for commercial reasons. Our pilots are expertly trained, and certified with no less than 100 hours of flight experience with commercial UAS. Safety is paramount for our pilots, and experience comes with that as well. When you trust us with your drone solution needs, you will get expertise that is second to none.

Modern Drone Technology and Specialized Services

As you look into what we here at Spec Drones can do, you’ll find that we can assist with creating commercial drone solutions for aerial imaging, and much more. We provide aerial mapping services in the United States, and focus on modern technology and services that are specific to industries of all types.

We specialize in customizing services to meet the needs of varying industries today. Our services range from simple to complex, to help with modern tech associated with drones of all types. From basic imaging to near infrared to complex data solutions, we can ensure that projects are easy to manage, and completed.

Let Us Show You Why We Are The Best Commercial Drone Solution

There are a lot of people that can fly drones, and can help with industries far and wide. But only few companies, can match the prowess, and technology that we have here at Spec Drones. Give us a chance to show you why we are so good at what we do, and deliver on the premise of commercial drone flight.

Contact us today, and see what we are all about.

Our Staff

Experienced and skilled

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to help industries around the state, and nation for that matter, with the technology that comes with drones. These are known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or UAV, and we are experts in this solution for the purpose of public safety, construction, agriculture, and much more.

We assist with a variety of technologies associated with drones, and we offer competitive prices, and personalized solutions for projects large and small. We help with law enforcement, traffic investigations, surveying, construction, and other options in the professional, commercial, and private sector as well. Any solution that requires a drone, we can probably help with and our mission is to provide a solution that works best for today’s modern world.


Certified Training

As part of our mission, we would like to include that all of our pilots, all drones, and everything that we do within the confines of UAV solutions is done within a code of ethics, and safety. We take safety very seriously, and we ensure that all of our pilots are 100% trained, follow specific guidelines within the FAA requirements as laid out by congress, and know how to work with a variety of technologies to get jobs done right the first time. Furthermore, we ensure that our training is up to date, on par with the industry standards, and within state-of-the-art software that is not antiquated in any way.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the number leader in drone solutions in the area, and the nation. We want to be recognized as the premier source for launching and working with UAV solutions, in an industry that is growing by leaps and bounds throughout the years.


Protecting of Privacy

Our mission here at Spec Drones is also to provide protection of privacy, rights, and agencies that we work with. As such, we are not going to do anything illegal, outright dangerous, or anything that is unethical. Our business is to help others, and we focus on legally doing so, carrying out our duties within the law. We work with law enforcement at times, we work with the public sector at times, and we work with industries far and wide, but we do so with confidentiality, protection of privacy, and of course, the laws that are in place today. We do not infringe on the rights of any agency, or any person, company, or law, and maintain that in every project that we work within.


Find Out More By Contacting Us Today

Want to know more about the Spec Drones mission statement? Then give us a call today. We can give you information about how we provide services to companies, what we can do to maintain your safety, laws, and more. We are here to help others, and we take pride in what we do. If you are in search of an ethical, powerful drone solution, then we are here to help. We operate with integrity, honor, and a code of ethics that is on par with the nation’s best companies using UAV solutions. Let us show you why we here at Spec Drones are the best in the business by contacting us today.

Social Responsibility

Here at Spec Drones we take social responsibility serious. We work within legal and ethical rulings and responsibilities when it comes to commercial drone flight, and use. There are several aspects to this that you should be fully aware of, in case you would like to use our services for any projects that you may have coming through.

FAA Certification, Privacy, and Regulations

Since 2012, the United States Congress passed the FAA Modernization and Reform Act. This was passed by congress to ensure that the introduction of drones into airspace was regulated, and monitored within certain issues that could arise.

The FAA meant to focus on U.S. Airspace in light of the legal and ethical components that could come with drones entering public vantage points. This includes privacy elements and commercial use as well. With the introduction of rules and modernization comes a variety of ethical elements that some may gloss over.

As a company, Spec Drones has committed ourselves to follow FAA regulations, as well as certification of pilots. All our drone pilots have more than 100 hours of flight training, as well as certification to ensure that all laws are abided by, and privacy is upheld. While we can help with surveying, and working with private property, geographic information, and gathering images across various means, a focused solution for safety, and FAA regulations is part of our process.

Statement of Ethics

Spec Drones works within ethical means of flying drones. Aside from certification, we adhere to ensure public privacy, and ethical flight management, data collection, and more. We pledge to use responsible management, and assist people of all backgrounds, companies in various disciplines, and industries connect with social responsibility in mind.

We work to safeguard overstepping boundaries associated with safety, privacy, and unethical drone usage.

Following A Code of Ethics

We here at Spec Drones have a Code of Ethics that we follow along with. We focus on safety first, privacy, and following sanity of law and public spaces, and a focus on helping each client with individual work. Every client that comes with us will be assured privacy of what they are doing, data collection, and processing of imaging across various focal points.

We have an internal system of checks and balances that are meant to keep an appropriate balance, and adherence to FAA regulations, and much more. Our goal is to ensure that privacy is upheld, safety is paramount, and no laws are broken in the use of drones for a variety of purposes today. We provide a great deal of services across several major industries.


Contact Us For More Information

Overall, here at Spec Drones, we focus on client based solutions for commercial drone options. We have pilots that are certified, trained in flight, and can help with a number of options in nearly any commercial industry today. Furthermore, we adhere to all laws, privacy solutions, and more. For more information about this, you can contact us, and we will be more than happy to explain our code of ethics, responsibilities, and certifications as well.

Vision of Spec Drones

Much like our mission statement, here at Spec Drones, we focus on providing the best solutions for people that are looking at using drones for the purpose of a variety of different solutions. We have a fleet of drones that can help with law enforcement, agriculture, inspections, and much more. Our goal is to not only have the best line up, but to have the best trained pilots as well.

The vision of our company is to not only provide solutions for those that need UAV options, but also the become the best in the industry. To that effect, we ensure all of our pilots are FAA certified, have more than 100 hours of flight under the belts, and are experts in using the drones for the purposes that industries of all types need today.


Making Complex Things Simple

As part of our overall vision is to help the complexity of drones become easy to work with. We do all of the proverbial heavy lifting. We make the difficulty of using data, taking photographs, and working with drone solutions easy, because we take the guesswork out of everything. That means that you don’t have to train not use these, you won’t have to deal with the trial and error of things associated within this arena, and instead, you’re going to be able to set and forget this process for the job that you want done.

Our goal is to make drones accessible to just about anyone. Our vision is to make sure that we can support industries that need this type of technology the most, and keep up to date with the latest releases, the latest software, and updates that come through within the industry of UAV drone solutions.

Complying With Laws and Statutes In Place

Another aspect of our vision is found with protecting the privacy, rights, and laws that are in place for drones across the nation, and local areas. Our goal is to make sure that we are constantly in compliance with any laws that are in place, so that our clients are never in breach of these laws, and we are not in breach as well. We want to make sure that everyone that has anything to do with drone technologies we use, are kept within safety of privacy, etc.


The Best In The Industry

At the end of the day, we want to ensure that our vision is always to be the best in the industry. We want to ensure that no matter what changes within drone technology, we will be on top of it. Spec Drones is committed to moving along with the most compelling, and useful solutions within the industry of UAV.

We strive to be the best. Contact us today, and let us show you why we think we are the best in drone solutions today. We can help with a variety of solutions, simple to complex, and make sure that your work gets done swiftly. Book just one project, and see why we strive to be the best, and consider ourselves a premier solution for the use of drones in nearly any industry today.