Cell Tower Inspection

Cell Phone Tower Inspection

Cell Tower Inspection

Cell Tower Inspections Made Simpler With Drones

One of the many driving forces of today’s technology is found within cellphone towers. Everyone has a smartphone, tablet, or some sort of web connected device. These towers allow for information to transfer across various digital networks, and help with giving information to those that are using handheld devices. These towers, despite being placed in various locations, and made to be left without a great deal of physical inspection, they can still break down. This can resort in the need for crews to go out and climb towers, risking their lives, in order to fix, upgrade, and change tower mechanisms, as well as upgrade them when needed. Whether it’s a malfunction, a break down, or simply inspections that are routine, the process is being made easier with the help of drones.

The Structure of Cellphone Towers

Before getting into the reason why drones are making life easier for cell phone companies, let’s take into consideration the size, shape, and size of cellphone towers. These are very tall towers, and they can be very difficult to fix, and inspect. Think about that for a moment. In order to get fixes for this, you’ll need to have crews literally climb up these towers which are never short. These towers are quite large, and difficult to manage, which is why drones are starting to make things a little easier.

Drones are important because they can be sent up high to the top of towers where they can take high definition video, and pictures that can help workers determine what fixes need to be applied. This allows for easier management of inspection, and application of vital components and more.

Beyond Safety Measures

Initially, you may think that drones only provide a measure of safety, but it also provides a distinct economical advantage for companies large and small. Analysts that are studying the use of drones, and have looked at how companies like AT&T have used drone technology, have found that inspection costs, and fixes have dropped by upwards of 50%. That’s a big deal of savings for companies that are looking at remaining competitive in a very saturated marketplace. With so many competitors, companies have to find a way to drop costs, and that includes using technologies like drones to help with isolating problems, and applying fixes without having to spend more money on labor.

Simpler Inspections Means Better Connection Status

With the power of modern drone technology, companies are able to inspect their cellphone towers, and ensure that their customer base is connected better. With better connections, smartphone companies can grow their digital offerings, and make more profit thanks to reliability, etc. Companies that are using drones are seeing the benefits come through from the simple, all the way to the complex, and it’s imperative that all companies use the technology to ensure that towers maintain transmission of information across their entire networks.

In the past, to inspect cellphone towers, crews would have to climb to high elevations, and risk their lives to do even minor fixes, etc. This is starting to change with the power, and ease of drone usage.