Precision Agriculture

Inspeção Agrícola

Precision Agriculture

Drones and Precision Agriculture – Modernizing Farming and Beyond

There is a lot of industries that are taking advantage of drones. You’re going to find that agriculture is not left out at at all. Modernizing farming today, many are using technology such as drones to capture imaging and much more. There are several ways that this can help, including precision agriculture so that farmers and surveyors get momentum during each season.

Monitoring Crop Health

One of the most important aspects of farming is that of scouting. Scouting is the process of looking into crop health during the middle of a season. During all aspects of a growing season, fares have to look into the quality of the soil, irrigation, spraying of pesticides, and see how crops are doing. The coverage helps with what is known as Normalized Difference Vegetative Index and Infrared Sensors is imperative as well. This is the number one use of drones right now, and it helps monitor health in a swift, and concise manner.

Monitoring Irrigation Equipment

Irrigation equipment is imperative to monitor, and focusing on changes, breaking points, and more is important. Irrigation equipment monitoring is imperative because in the middle of a season, sprinkler system, irrigation equipment, pipes, and much more can be broken up. The broken elements could cause a great deal of flooding, water backing up, and breaking points that could very well cause problems if not cleared, and fixed appropriately. Drones can help with monitoring the problem areas, and can help farmers focus on fixing issues before they become larger.

Weed Identification

Drones moving around acreages will be able to focus on weed identification. A weed map can be made, and that could very well change everything about irrigation, and spraying crops over time. This is something that can easily create image maps, and localized solutions. With the use of NDVI sensor data, for instance, weed maps can be isolated so that spraying, and eliminating weeds becomes easy to work with. If weeds are not isolated and taken care of up front, agriculture can become stifled overall.

Monitoring Cattle and More

Focusing on larger benefits focused on precision agriculture, you’re going to find that modernity aims to help with herding cattle, and much more. By simply dispatching a drone, cattle herding can become so much easier to see and isolate. This can help with night time imaging, as well as day time images of herds that are hard to monitor with the naked eye. Getting a good image from above, and imaging from other areas, you’ll find drones allow for easier management of herds, and other animals with relative ease.

Precision Agriculture Made Simple With Drones

Overall, it’s imperative to consider drones as part of everyday farming solutions. Precision agriculture becomes easier to manage, and can be more efficient, simple to work with, and assist with cleaning, spraying, and monitoring agricultural processes. When put into place, farmers can save money on man power, save money on monitoring crops from the air, irrigation, spraying, and much more. It helps with efficient farming on multiple levels, that’s for certain.