FireFighter Drones

fire fighter drones

FireFighter Drones

Firefighter Drones Help Fight Fires and More

Drones are commonplace in the general public today. But did you now that firefighters use them as well? These are advantageous for all firefighting crews because it can help with al to of different purposes. These are not just about framing things from above, they can be used in a great number of options. Firefighters today are not only having to fight against vicious fires, they have to be ready at a moment’s notice and find people that are in distress, assist with search and rescue, and support law enforcement as well. Often times, the fire department is the first on the scene of an accident, and so much more. This is something that is simply great, and cost effective for a city’s budget, as well.

Responding Faster With A Helping Vantage Point

Drones help fire departments in many different cities. They are used to help with technical rescues, search and rescue operations, and can help with thermal imaging. This is an important thing because firefighters have to go into the line of fire often. Before they enter a building, a drone can highlight hot spots, and can help them see people that may be trying to get attention on a roof, or can help with focusing on finding elements scattered around a building. Drones can have high definition streams sent to the truck, to smartphones, tablets, and more.

Assessing Large Spaces

Whether there’s a forest fire, a house fire, or there’s some kind of emergency, firefighters must assess large spaces fast. Upon arriving, they need to look at whether or not they need specialized equipment, or whether they are going to be working into a difficult arena. Drones can highlight the various elements that are around the fires, and can help identity any pressure points, and help with finding specific areas that could be difficult to see without an aerial view. An aerial vantage point assists with firefighting, making the job more efficient, and in some instances, a bit easier to manage.

The Prices Are Getting Lower

Even though many departments do not have any drone, many are looking to purchase them. It’s imperative to understand that the price point for drones are starting to drop systematically. That means that fire departments that are dealing with budget crunches, are going to be able to get equipment of this type with relative ease. The prices are getting lower all the time, and the technology is systematically rising as well. Fire departments that were thinking of jumping into this tech, will find that it’s become more cost effective than ever.

Capturing Information For The Future

Fire departments can learn a lot from the fires that they are dispatched towards. Capturing the fires, and how they have been fought and calmed is a great way of teaching current and future fire department leaders on how to fight certain fires. Capturing information can teach a lot, and aerial data is something that can deliver on a lot of different solutions. Aside from helicopters and airplanes, drones provide an aerial advantage in terms of media that should not be disregarded for the purpose of fighting fires.